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Senate and House bills granting minors the ability to self-consent to vaccinations. Stay alert!

An Act Promoting Community Immunity will be coming soon if we don't make our voices heard loud and clear. There is a lot of...'The Department shall... and forms for religious exemptions.... What is missing is the right of the people to control their own body. Community immunity does not abrogate a person's control over won body. My Body, My Choice, certainly applies here. Minors are not capable of making these determinations especially over so called vaccinations that have no long term studies to prove their safety.

In the House Bill. Herd Immunity is defined:

Herd immunity”, population-wide resistance to the spread of an infectious disease within that population, resulting from a sufficient percentage of people receiving one or more immunizations with immunity against the disease.

There is no provision for people who acquired natural immunity due to having and surviving C-19. Think back to all those cases that kept us locked down. The legislators have clearly framed the bill to favor Big Pharma.

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Minors already have the legal authority to undergo trans-sexual therapies up to and including surgery for sexual reassignment without parental consent. If they can amputate perfectly good body parts without their parents, I think it is a little late to be worried about a vaccination.

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Point taken. However two wrongs don’t make a right.

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