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Welcome to Do It Yourself nomination papers. 

These nomination papers are PDF files that you can print out on legal size paper.  The back page must be printed on the backside of the front page to be legal.  The water marks do not appear on the final document.  Add legal size paper to your printer, set to 'gray scale or black and white' and set the paper size to LEGAL.  Print the front page.  When it comes out of the printer, turn it over and run it through the printer for the back page.  Put the name of the town where you are collecting signatures from voters.  Each voter signs the papers for his own town only.  When you have collected signatures, turn the paper(s) into the town clerk- by April 30th 2024.

  CANDIDATES!  I will post  candidate nomination papers but you must send me the PDF files.  The gray section must be filled in but do not include the name of any town.

Cynthia Stead  Barnstable County Commission

Ron Beaty   Barnstable County Commission

Kari MacRae  Plymouth/Barnstable State Senate

Robert Antonellis    Mass. State Senate

Cynthia Stead
Cynthia Stead - front page Barnstable County Commission  8.5" x 14" legal paper
Cynthia Stead - Back page Barnstable County Commission   8.5" x 14"  legal paper
Ron Beaty
Ron Beaty - front page    Barnstable county commission8.5" x 14"  legal paper
Ron Beaty - back page   Barnstable County Commission
    8.5" x 14"  legal paper
Kari MacRae
Kari MacRae      Front page  8.5" x 14"  legal paper
Plymouth/Barnstable State Senate
Kari MacRae - back page -Plymouth/Barnstable State Senate    8.5" x 14"   legal paper
Robert Antonellis
Robert Antonellis Mass Senate  front page
Robert Antonellis Mass Senate back page
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