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We are free citizens in a free country called America that was founded on freedom. Our government or our employer does not have the authority to tell us what to do. In America, the people hold the power.


If you announce a government mandate, we will not comply. We don't care. We will ignore it. When Joe Biden says he is losing patience with us, he forgets that he works for us. He is about to find out.


If you attempt to force your employees to vax at a private business, try running your business with half the employees. We The People will shut you down. If you want to keep your business, you better not be making mandates to Americans. That's not the way we roll. You to will find out quickly.


If you wanted the vax, you got it already. The people who don't want the vax are not going to get it. We are sick and tired of people telling us what to do, that do not have the authority.



We are done with the pandemic. We don't care anymore.



We are taking our country back. Period.


Freedom first! Not freedom, but ....



2021 achievements for the remaining Biden supporters to ponder:

  • inflation that shows up in the grocery store, the gas pump, and our energy bills;

  • forced vaccines, something that happens in totalitarian nations, not America, and that forces people to choose between bodily integrity and putting food on the table;

  • an open border that allows unvaccinated people from 100+ countries to pour across our borders, putting enormous pressure on our social services, increasing crime, bringing drugs, trafficking children, and undercutting American jobs;

  • efforts to Balkanize America through Critical Race Theory, which claims that Whites are evil and Blacks are pathetic losers;

  • the determined effort to gaslight Americans into accepting that people can magically abandon their biological sex based upon their feelings;

  • a "Build Back Better" plan that will burden our children's children while rewarding the administration's political allies;

  • a foreign policy that seems determined to destroy American credibility and harm her allies;

  • subordinating American economic interests to China; and

  • all the other madness that the Biden administration is visiting up a country Fauci's COVID virus entered America, had a secure border, a thriving economy, energy independence, improved race relations, and a growing middle class.



There is a bill introduced in the Senate (S.1122) and one coming in the house (HD.2861) that if passed, would protect fundamental rights recognized in the US Constitution and The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Declaration of Rights by:

• Affirming an individual’s right to make personal decisions concerning medical treatments and procedures.

• Making it unlawful to terminate employment based solely on an employee’s medical decisions.

• Ensuring equitable access to justice. Right now, only those with the financial means to hire a lawyer and the knowledge to do so can protect themselves against violations of their rights.

• Preventing discrimination against those who are medically vulnerable.

• Affirming that a person’s fundamental right to privacy, travel and speech shall not be infringed upon to impede the making of decisions for themselves or for their dependents

A grassroots organization,,  is urging your support of these two bills. Please click on the link  below to see how to support the effort.

Critical Race Theory

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By Christopher F. Rufo

NY Post May 6, 2021 


In order to understand Critical Race Theory we need to understand the history of Marxism. Originally, Marxists built its political program on the theory of class conflict between capitalists & workers in industrial societies. Marx believed the solution to this imbalance was revolution. Workers would realize their plight & overthrow the capitalist class & usher in a new socialist society.

During the 20th century, a number of regimes underwent Marxist-style revolutions which ended in disaster. By the 1960’s Marxists intellectuals began to acknowledge these failures & realized that worker revolutions would never occur in Western Europe or the United States, where there were large middle classes improving standards of living. Most Americans believed in the American dream – the idea that they could transcend their origins through education, hard work, & good citizenship. But rather than abandon their political project they adapted their revolutionary theory to social & racial unrest of the 1960s.



Critical Race Theory today is an academic discipline that was formulated in the 1990s found in the universities. Now it is injected in government agencies, public schools, corporations, teacher training programs, HR departments in the form of diversity programs.

CRT goes by other names ie, equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion. The new Marxists realize that Marxism would be a hard sell. Equity on the other hand sounds non-threatening & is easily confused with equality. There is a huge difference. 

To the Marxists equality represents nondiscrimination & provides cover for white supremacy & oppression. Equity as defined by critical race theorists is a reformulated Marxism where they propose suspending property rights, seizing land & wealth & redistributing them along racial lines. In essence they would overturn the principles of the declaration & the Constitution.



In government the FBI is holding workshops on intersectionality theory. The Department of Homeland Security was telling their white employees they were committing “microinequities” & had been “socialized into oppressor roles”. The treasury Department held training sessions tell staff that “white people contribute to racism” & must convert “everyone in the federal government” to the ideology of “antiracism”. And the Sandia National Laboratories, which designs America’s nuclear arsenal, sent white male execs to a three day reeducation camp, where they were told that the ”white male culture” was similar to the KKK. Children in California elementary schools forced first-graders to deconstruct their racial & sexual identities, & rank themselves according to their “privilege & Power”. And it goes on & on. From the universities to bureaucracies to K-12 CFT has permeated the collective intelligence & decision making process with no sign of slowing down. This ideology will not stop until it has devoured all of our institutions.



Attempts to halt CRT have been ineffective. Here are some reasons.

First ,too many Americans have developed an acute fear about speaking up social & political issues, especially about race.

Second, critical race theorists have constructed their argument like a mousetrap. Disagreement with their program becomes irrefutable evidence of a dissenter’s unconscious bias.

Third, Americans have failed to separate the premise of critical race theory from conclusion. Its premise- American history includes slavery, & we should learn from that history-is undeniable. But the revolutionary conclusion- that America was founded on & defined by racism & that our founding principles, our Constitution, & way of life should be overthrown-does not rightly follow.

Fourth, those who have the courage to speak out against CRT have tended to address it on a theoretical level rather than on a practical level. They fail to force defenders of this radical ideology to defend the practical consequences of their ideas in the realm of politics.



CRT has become a tool of political power. It is now driving the vast machinery of state & society. If we want to succeed in opposing it, we must address it politically at every level. Critical race theorists must be confronted & forced to speak to the facts. Parents are mobilizing against racially divisive curricula in public schools and employees are speaking out against Orwellian reeducation in the workplace. We need to use our own moral language rather than be confined by the categories of CRT.

Instead of debating about diversity we should be talking about aiming at excellence, a common standard that challenges people of all backgrounds to achieve their potential.


In closing, we must have the courage to speak the truth. Courage to face the mob. Courage to withstand the epithets & the scorn of the elites & stand up for America.

Medical Freedom

Medical Freedom

UCP Policy Statement

UCP Is Your Advocate For Medical Freedom!


UCP is an advocate of all freedoms. This includes medical freedom, which is based on the most basic God-given right, bodily autonomy. 


UCP strongly believes that every person has the right to take full governance over one's body, with the guarantee that one is not coerced into violating that bodily autonomy either through force, bribery, misinformation, and/or lack of full disclosure (ie. informed consent).  


UCP's advocacy for medical freedom adheres to the following guidelines: 


  • The role of an advocate is to offer support to those who feel they are not being heard, and to ensure their rights are acknowledged and respected.


  • Advocates use their voices, and empower others to use their voices to support a cause, or influence necessary change.


  • An advocate will ensure a person has the tools to make an informed decision.

Vaccines and Safety

Vaccines and Safety

Nonprofit sues HHS to Immediately stop Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines,  Article from The Epoch Times by LI HAI, Iuly 22, 2021 

America’s Frontline Doctors, a nonprofit, filed a motion on July 19 seeking immediate injunctive relief to stop the emergency use authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines for three groups of Americans: anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has recovered from COVID-19, and those who haven’t given informed consent as defined by federal law.

The motion was filed against Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other defendants in a federal district court in the Northern District of Alabama.

“The emergency declaration and its multiple renewals are illegal,” the complaint (pdf) alleges.

According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, when the HHS secretary declares that an emergency use is appropriate, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may then authorize unapproved use or EUA of a vaccine.

On Feb. 4, 2020, then-HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared a public health emergency, saying that existing circumstances justify the EUA.

The complaint alleges that the legal requirements to issue and maintain COVID-19 vaccine EUAs aren’t being met.


Department of Health and Human Services in Washington on Sept. 16, 2011. (Susan Stierch/CC 4.0)

First, there’s no underlying emergency and no “serious or life-threatening disease or condition,” the complaint states.

According to the defendants’ data, the CCP virus has an overall survivability rate of 99.8 percent globally, “on a par with the seasonal flu.”

However, the defendants’ data is deliberately inflated, the complaint alleges. It claims that HHS has changed the rules applicable to people responsible for writing death certificates and requires them to make cause of death determinations primarily attributable to COVID-19. From last March, death certificates indicated “COVID-19 [as] being the underlying cause more often than not.”

The way in which COVID-19 is diagnosed, using magnified values from PCR tests that were also authorized for emergency use, guarantees “an unacceptably high number of false-positive results,” the complaint states.

Second, COVID-19 vaccines aren’t effective in diagnosing, treating, or preventing a disease or condition, which fails another requirement for issuing and maintaining EUAs.

The complaint cites data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that says a total of 10,262 CCP virus breakthrough infections (detection of SARS-COV-2 within 14 or more days after receiving required dosages of a COVID-19 vaccine) were reported between Jan. 1 and April 30.

“It is important to note that the vaccines were only shown to reduce symptoms—not block transmission,” the complaint reads.

Third, the benefits don’t outweigh the known and potential risks of each vaccine. Those risks are especially increased in reproductive health, potential death, neurological damage, more virulent strains, and others.

And lastly, there are adequate, approved, and available alternatives to the vaccines, such as Ivermectin, Budesonide, Hydroxychloroquine, and others.

Not Adequately Informed

The plaintiffs also allege that health care professionals and vaccine candidates aren’t being adequately informed about the vaccines, as the federal law requires.

“No one ever provided me with any information regarding possible adverse reactions, nor did they provide me with any information regarding alternative treatments. I did not understand this was gene therapy rather than a traditional vaccine. Again, I also did not understand that the vaccines were not ‘approved’ by the FDA,” plaintiff Angelia Deselle said in a declaration included in the lawsuit.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was established to provide information regarding adverse events potentially caused by vaccines. The complaint states that VAERS isn’t accurate and that the federal government is failing to provide data from other sources, such as the military, Medicare, and Medicaid.

According to the complaint, a patient can’t give informed consent without an understanding of the risks.

Under-18 Age Group and Those Recovered From COVID-19

“CDC data indicates that children under 18 have a 99.998 percent COVID-19 recovery rate with no treatment,” the complaint reads. “Injecting this under-18 subpopulation with the Vaccines threatens them with immediate, potentially life-threatening harm.”

Last month, the CDC said that more than 1,200 cases of heart inflammation in adolescents and young adults were reported following the administration of Pfizer’s or Moderna’s two-dose vaccines.

“There is no public interest in subjecting children to experimental vaccination programs, to protect them from a disease that does not threaten them,” Dr. Angelina Farella, a pediatrician who has actively practiced for over 25 years, said in a statement. Farella is an expert for America’s Frontline Doctors.

The complaint also asserts that Americans who have recovered from COVID-19 shouldn’t get vaccinated.

It cites a recent Cleveland Clinic study that demonstrates that natural immunity through prior infection is stronger than any benefit conferred by a COVID-19 vaccine. Another study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that of those with preexisting COVID-19 immunity, 89 percent reported adverse side-effects after receiving the first vaccine injection.

“COVID recovered patients are at extremely high risk to a vaccine,” plaintiffs’ expert Dr. Richard Urso said in a statement. “They have all the requisite components of immune memory. Vaccination may activate a hyperimmune response leading to a significant tissue injury and possibly death.”

Whistleblower Testimony: 45,000 Deaths Following Vaccinations

Jane Doe, a computer programmer with expertise in the health care data analytics field, filed a sworn statement indicating that the actual number of deaths following the COVID-19 vaccination is about 45,000.

“It is my professional estimate that VAERS database, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5. On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS,” Jane Doe said in her statement (pdf).

“I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000.”

Jane Doe noted that the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market because of 53 deaths reported following vaccination.

“The evidence makes it irrefutable that Plaintiffs and others in the public will suffer irreparable injury … if this motion is denied,” the plaintiffs asserted. “Finally, the evidence tilts the balance of hardships and public interest … decisively in favor of Plaintiffs.”

In an email to The Epoch Times, HHS declined to comment on the lawsuit, saying, “As a matter of policy, we do not comment on pending litigation.”

President Joe Biden has praised the vaccines as safe and effective.

“You know, some people have questions about how quickly the vaccines were developed. They say they’ve been developed so quickly, they can’t be that good. Well, here’s what you need to know: Vaccines were developed over a decade of research in similar viruses, and they’ve gone through strict FDA clinical trials,” Biden said last month.

“The bottom line is this—I promise you: They are safe. They are safe. And even more importantly, they’re extremely effective.”

The Biden administration announced earlier this month that it would begin a door-to-door outreach campaign in targeted communities to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates.

CDC joins list
CDC joins the list of corrupt, Politicized Institutions

UCP Editorial 

If our government wants more Americans to consider the experimental vaccine, they should disclose the age-based risk of "COVID-19" death and the vaccine adverse event risk, including death. Americans could then make a true informed decision based on risk-benefit analysis, and the government would not be violating the Nuremberg Code.  


We have the data now to actually follow the (true) science, but are being told by our government to panic, put your mask back on, and get injected with the "savior" vaccine that even your life insurance will not cover. In fact, NO ONE is accepting liability for this highly dangerous, experimental jab - not the government, not the vaccine manufacturers, not the medical personnel, not the media, not the employers, literally NO ONE.   


The facts are that the 7 day average "COVID-19" death rate in our country is 269 per day. This is the lowest since the "pandemic" started. At the height of the "pandemic", approximately 4000 died a day from "COVID-19". To put this into perspective, we lose about 1800 a day from heart disease in this country, yet I haven't seen one CDC press conference. The PCR test used to determine these cases, was never intended to diagnose infection disease, and was just recently recalled. It is quite possible that most of the people diagnosed with "COVID-19", did not even have "COVID-19". It is quite possible that there was never a state of emergency.  


They asked us to flatten the curve to prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. That was the goal. We did that. Then they asked us to go into lockdown until the vaccine was available. That was the goal. We did that.  


Now it appears we are chasing "COVID-19" case rate with the goal of "If it just saves one life". A tyrannical government uses this logic when they want to create panic and justify the need for emergency action to further their agenda - think climate emergency or racism as a public health crisis. In each of these examples you can't see or measure the problem, but we are being told it is so dire the government needs to step in and restrict your freedoms.


The left has politicized and destroyed confidence in most all major institutions. Examples of why Americans no longer trust what our government is telling us include: Trump as a Russian asset, Kavanaugh as a serial gang rapist, and Biden is our President. 


The lost confidence institutions now includes the CDC, as they advise we should continue masking our children. This segment of the population represents 75 million Americans, and has a higher chance of dying from drowning than "COVID-19". Applying their "If it just saves one life" logic, we could save more lives by mandating floaties on children instead of masks. Further, these ABC-organizations, and "leaders" such as Fauci are not looking into the physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual implications of masking our children and those around them. This is flat-out child abuse. Our children deserve better.  

BLM in Schools
UCP Position on Black Lives Matter in Schools

UCP Policy Statement

United Cape Patriots (UCP) unequivocally rejects efforts by the organization Black Lives Matter to influence, alter, or otherwise intervene in the curriculum and function of schools on the Cape and elsewhere. 


BLM is a self-proclaimed Marxist organization that is steeped in the philosophy of The Communist Manifesto authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism is not merely an economic theory, it is an anti-capitalist/anti-free market political theory that aims to understand relations between social classes and work toward a society in which all toil for a "common good." Every attempt to establish such a society via communism, socialism, depostism, or some combination thereof, has not only failed, but ruined or ended the lives of countless millions.


As Hillsdale president Larry Arnn writes in his book Liberty and Learning, "Marx and his siblings and prodigy...would give rise to many movements that denied the natural rights of every human being." 


The core tenets of Marxism have slowly become prevalent in American schools, media, politics, and culture, often masked in benign terms such as democratic socialism (espoused by U.S. senator Bernie Sanders), progressivism (dating back to Woodrow Wilson), and social justice (BLM, Critical Race Theory, universal health care, guaranteed income). Marxism is in diametric opposition to the American cause, but in its various forms and euphemisms has infected the body politic. 


"BLM at School" is a curriculum designed by the organization and is being adopted in school districts across the country, including Massachusetts. The curriculum is for nearly all grade levels with an emphasis upon concepts such as "whiteness", "confronting whiteness", and "white privilege". 


The mantra is that white people established the systemically racist hellscape otherwise known as the United States and that all whites, regardless of the content of their character or their station in life, are guilty by default. The natural rights of white people do not count.


The curriculum is presented with a moral certitude. Concerned parents whose children have been exposed to BLM at School have noted that dissent or critiques of the curriculum are, at best, not entertained and, at worst, labeled as racist. 


As University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire political science professor Peter Myers wrote in City Journal:


"On its own [the BLM curriculum] is not good history and tends to poison students' minds toward their country, especially students who need to be encouraged by the idea that the country does not provide opportunities people like them." 


BLM seems to be imploding. The slightest journalistic effort uncovered a BLM co-founder's curious ability to acquire expensive real estate. That co-founder has since left the organization. Other leaders are leaving in protest after discovering that BLM is not really what it seems. Families of those BLM purports to lift up aren't seeing a dime of funds that BLM raised in their names. 


Yet such setbacks will not deter those who seek to demolish what is left of traditional curriculum and time-tested educational strategies in order to establish a race-centered program of indoctrination, hatred, and division. Such radicals are not interested in educational excellence or the study of the principles of human freedom -- truth, nobility, and beauty. 


Parents of school-aged children, property taxpayers, and all citizens must remain vigilant. A republic is only as good as an educational system that produces virtuous citizens who understand ordered liberty, the Constitution, and the quest for a more perfect union. Rather than work toward that end, BLM is attempting to turn our national motto -- E pluribus unum -- on its head. 


UCP encourages citizens to engage with school boards that are considering BLM in the Classroom; register objections and push back against any and all attempts to indoctrinate schoolchildren and further balkanize this country. You have an ally in us. 


UCP is an action-oriented grassroots nonpartisan organization that adheres to the founding principles of the Republic and the original construction of the United States Constitution in order to advance limited government and the sovereignty of the people through engagement with elected officials and servants of the public. Consider joining us and attending an event by visiting


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