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Let's Stand Up for Faith, for Children, and Against the Bigotry of Bill H4813

Update: July 12, 2022

H4813 may not have enough time to pass in this session of the Mass. legislature. It's not technically dead, but appears at the moment to have run out of time. 

H4813 is a bill that would remove a student's right to a religious exemption for vaccines to go to private and public school including sports and clubs. Currently in Massachusetts students are allowed to hand in a religious exemption letter expressing their sincere religious belief against a vaccine that is on the required list to attend school. 

This is the fifth or sixth year that bills like this have been submitted.  Please note that the department of public health can add any vaccine to the list that is required to go to school. Many religious people  do not want products in their bodies that were developed using fetal cells from aborted babies. There can be no freedom of religion without freedom of conscience. 

I hope you will join us this week as we stand against bigotry, and send five or more emails (19 is best) using this letter, or something short that you wrote yourself. Feel free to send the same letter to each member of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, but send them one at a time. Blasting all of them in one email will probably get your email thrown away by the SPAM filter. Short letters with big ideas are better, since they're not going to read much of it anyhow. It's numbers of letters that count, not angry ones.

Joint Committee on Health Care Financing



There's a bill in the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, H4813, that would make children violate their religious beliefs by removing the religious exemption to vaccinations, or else throw them out of school and clubs. Please stand up for the religious communities of Massachusetts, and stand up for freedom of conscience for our children. We should be encouraging all our children to act on their beliefs, not turning them into victims and depriving them of their educations and their opportunities. Please vote no on H4813.

Thank you,




OPTIONAL if using Windows and Gmail:

If you click on an email address and it opens it in Gmail, then skip this stuff. Here's instructions on how to set up your Windows computer to set Gmail in your web browser as your primary email client. Works in Chrome and Brave browsers, and probably others. 

Make Gmail your default email program

Hold down the control button while clicking on an email address to open a new email in a separate tab with address and subject already complete.

  • Go to that tab

  • paste in your letter with your name and hometown

  • send the email

  • return to this tab

  • repeat x18

Stay in the fight.

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