8/6 Join us for a standout for Tom Keyes for State Representative  in Barnstable!   5:30-6:30 p.m, Intersection of Rt. 6A and Rt. 132 (parking at quilt shop) Signs will be provided.


8/9 Sunday, 2-4PM Bourne Bridge Rotary Trump / Back The Blue standout. This will be a great time as always.

8/9 Wednesday, RON BEATY for COUNTY COMMISSIONER STANDOUT  7:30 AM, August 12th at 634 N Falmouth Hwy (Rout 28A), North Falmouth, MA 02556. “BEATY” Campaign Signs will be provided.  Please also bring American Flags and Trump Gear as well.


8/15 Trump / Back The Blue @ Falmouth Village Green, 2-4PM. McMahon campaign has permit.

Please join us to honor our president, Donald J Trump & our heroes in blue! 

United Cape Patriots sponsored its 12th consecutive weekend Trump / Back The Blue standout, July 4th at the Mashpee Rotary.


The event attracted over 60 participants and featured a voter registration drive. "The Trump base is engaged and growing in our community because we give them a sense of belonging" said Adam Lange, Founder of United Cape Patriots. "We add new members every week and have started mid-week events to help local conservative candidates that support our president. This is an exciting time to be a Trump supporter on Cape Cod."

Contact unitedcapepatriots.com to learn more.  

Adam Lange

508 237 9373                                          July 4th, 2020 Mashpee Rotary

July 4th, 2020

Mashpee Rotary

United Cape Patriots sponsored a Trump / Back The Blue Standout Saturday 6/27,at the Bourne Bridge Rotary, Cape Cod.


About 75 people participated to show their support for the president, and those in blue, including Atlanta Officer Devin Brosnan, who's family is from the Cape. 


United Cape Patriots founder Adam Lange shared that the rule of law, and support for those who serve our communities to enforce the law must be restored. "The country is going through a rough patch right now, but these American values are enduring, and we should never turn our backs on those that serve us. That's why we are here each weekend, and the positive community response keeps us coming back."


United Cape Patriots is a grassroots conservative organization that has sponsored events on Cape Cod for the last 11 consecutive weekends.

Bourne Rotary June 27, 2020

Hyannis Airport Rotary June 20, 2020

United Cape Patriots sponsored a Trump & Back Our Blue Standout Saturday 6/6 at the Bourne Bridge Rotary. The group's founder Adam Lange of Brewster was humbled by the gratitude shared by passing police officers. "One of the officers who stopped to thank us was from Boston, and had a tear in his eye describing what they have been through this week defending their city. We must let our law enforcement know we have their backs as they put their lives on the line each day for us. That's the least we can do."


Mass GOP Chairman Jim Lyons, a staunch supporter of President Trump also stopped to thank those that participated in the event, and encourage the group to reach out and help others across the state. This was the 8th consecutive weekend United Cape Patriots has sponsored an event.


Lange said he is thankful President Trump continues to be consistently supportive of law enforcement, from his 2016 campaign and even more importantly right now. "The rule of law is a key element of what makes America great. It's why people all over the world want to live here. Recent events have reminded us just how important it is."


For more information contact unitedcapepatriots.com

United Cape Patriots sponsored a Trump / Back The Blue Standout Saturday 6/20, at the Hyannis Airport Rotary. About 50 participants joined special guest, 82 year old Fall River veteran Charlie Chase in reminding passersby that President Trump and law enforcement have a strong base of support on Cape Cod.

United Cape Patriots founder Adam Lange hoped to send a message that people back the blue on the Cape. "We are all Americans united under the rule of law. Those promoting the false narrative that our police are villains, are trying to divide us. These men and women put on a uniform each day and deal with evil so we can be safe. They are heros, and we have their backs."

Charlie Chase stood at the curb for over 2 hours waving at drivers. "I've never seen so many thumbs up , we are getting 70-80% positive response." Charlie grew up on the Cape, graduated from Barnstable High School, and enjoys coming back. "I thank you for everything you are doing. That's why I'm here. I'm just a cog in the wheel."

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons with UCP Founder Adam Lange and GOP State Committee Man Jay McMahon at the Saturday, June 6th  SUPPORT OUR POLICE &  LAW ENFORCEMENT RALLY - #Trump2020 Standout at the Borne Bridge Rotary on #CapeCod UnitedCapePatriots.com 

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