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Sunday April 18th 2-4 PM: Fight Censorship Standout

Skaket Corners, Rte 6-A Orleans

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Weekend Recap & 'I live in a town

... ' Rant!! 👊👊

April 12, 2021

Saturday April 10 Cleanup on Rte 6-A in Brewster

Patriots, I live in a town where:

There is no industry left due to over-regulation but town hall is obsessed with greenhouse gas reduction, and declared a 'climate emergency' during the current pandemic.

There is something called a 'municipal single-use plastic water bottle ban', when nobody is dumping their garbage in our waterways like they do in Asia.

Our student enrollment has dropped over 50% with further decline forecasted, but we are expanding our high school.

Town hall swears 'hands-up don't shoot' really did happen, and we must make changes to address 'systemic racism' in our 97% white town.

They hired a 'climate consultant' who took the NOAA sea level rise forecast from Boston Harbor, and used a proprietary computer model to forecast 7 times that rise in Cape Cod Bay.

All these solutions to perceived problems we cannot see or measure are so dire, we need government to solve them, even if it means restricting your rights & freedoms.

But don't dare question their basis of fact. Because your employees down at town hall are now servant to their political ideology, no longer we the people. It's like a mini Beacon Hill, but the pandering to special interests and radicalization process is just getting started. 

If any of the above describes your town, you have your work cut out for you, but UCP is here to help. Find out more including our calendar of upcoming events at unitedcapepatriots.com

Thanks for all you do. 


Sunday April 11th Fight Censorship Standout at Hyannis Airport Rotary

video:Setting up at Hyannis Airport Rotary

Call to Action April 1, 2021

Patriots, as we close out 1Q 2021, it's important to share what UCP accomplished, and where we fell short.

1.  We reorganized by Cape regions to pivot away from national politics, and focus on our local community.  UCP now has 4 strong conservative women leading the Upper Cape, Mid Cape, Lower Cape, & Outer Cape regional teams. These teams are the boots on the ground, and the face of UCP.

2. We formed 4 Focus teams to provide support to the regional teams. Election Integrity, School Outreach, Community Outreach, & Faith Outreach. Each team is developing a toolkit for use in defending your freedoms. https://1drv.ms/p/s!AkRDkvuP4Ru8g3SyPAE1j4zyXRSh?e=qW4yZX

3. We sponsored 2 daylong candidate workshops on Cape for conservatives interested in running for municipal government office, or supporting those that do.  This has resulted in 4 new candidates, and continued support from the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership & Renew Mass. Coalition.

4. We partnered with UCP friends to help our vets.  GOP U.S. Congressional Candidate Rayla Campbell, Somerville Mayoral Candidate Billy Tauro,  RTC's, Elks & Lion's organizations now provide the army of volunteers each week to staff 5 new MA Military Support food distribution centers. Look for Framingham and Fall River next.

5. We began weekly community clean-up events to remove the garbage from Cape parks, road sides, waterways and beach dunes. After the debris is removed from the herring runs in April, UCP will be partnering with MassDOT through the Adopt - A - Highway program and sponsoring 4 sections of Route 6. Keep Cape Cod Great!

6. We partnered with Mass GOP to help with both Election Integrity training, and defending our First Amendment Rights by fighting censorship. Both these efforts are statewide, and will be long running campaigns throughout 2021.

Where we fell short was YTD growth. We did eclipse the 1000 member milestone in March. Lacking a national election, our plan is organic membership growth. Meaning engaging conservatives at UCP events.

I remind the UCP Leadership Team that meetings, phone calls, and planning create little value. In manufacturing we would view this activity as non-value added but necessary, and focus on eliminating it so we can reduce the cost of our wigits and increase market share. At UCP we are focused on ramping up events in the community to add more members, while we grow the infrastructure to support it. Check out our new event Calendar at unitedcapepatriots.com 

While I'm confident that we are doing the right things, between our return to the curb, and weekly community service events, UCP Leadership will not rest until we get growth back on track to achieve our 2021 goal of 1250 members.





                                        Call to action March 26, 2021

Patriots, the 2 candidate training workshops we sponsored recently have resulted in 5 conservative candidates running for municipal office on Cape! This is a good problem to have. As their campaign plans solidify, I will be asking for your help.

UCP Community Outreach

UCP will be sponsoring a community clean up this Saturday 3/27, 2PM at West Dennis Beach. These are fun to participate in, happen each weekend, and keep Cape Cod great! All supplies are provided at event. Please join us!

Brewster Herring Run Clean Out - We have teamed up with the Brewster Alewife Committee and planning a spring cleanup soon. This involves removing branches and is only possible walking the ~ 2' maximum deep waterway. If you have waders and want to help please contact me at adamlangegop@gmail.com Also let me know If you have waders to loan for the day that would enable others to participate.

Mass Fiscal Alliance


Dave Craney from Mass Fiscal Alliance was a guest at the UCP Leadership Team meeting this week. One of the services they provide is the Mass Fiscal Scorecard that rates elected officials on their voting record.

As a result, local elected officials are now posted with a link to their score at unitedcapepatriots.com

Election Integrity Focus Team

Cape & Islands RTC Training continues. Chatham, Eastham, Sandwich, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket are being scheduled next.

In towns that do not have an RTC currently organized, we are developing an approach for local Republicans to organize and provide poll workers.

In either case, UCP members will be needed to augment RTC members to achieve the desired 50% Republican poll worker target. This effort is large and will continue to be a priority of both UCP and Mass GOP.

Fight Censorship Campaign w/ Mass GOP

Due to 100% rain forecast this Sunday we are standing down this week. We have added Kathy Roy, Worcester City Committee Chair to our team, and along with Western Mass., plan to continue regular statewide standouts post Easter.

April FACL Training Opportunity

The Foundation for Applied Conservatives Leadership is hosting a Political Leadership full day workshop in Worcester April 11th.


Free Daily Ben Shapiro Content

If you are looking for a source of facts & data to debate the latest fake news, Ben Shapiro provides daily free content via the iHeart app. This is my daily afternoon go-to post Rush. Try it. You'll like it!


Thanks for all you do!


View Adam's entire 3/26 UCP email blast with pictures, videos and more at:



This is where we need all hands on deck: Election Integrity. If you are a member of a Republican Town or City Committee, you have enormous oversight responsibilities defined by MA General Law. Please review the presentation here: MassGOPelections (1).pptx
If you want me to present the slides at your meeting or via zoom, contact me. Either way, you should be taking action ASAP to ensure election integrity in your community.

If you are a Republican but not a member of an RTC, contact your RTC Chair and ask to help. You can be included in the team of Republican poll workers. The goal is 50% Republican representation at each poll to ensure integrity.

If you are a currently unenrolled voter, either join the Republican Party and signup as a poll worker, or contact your town clerk and ask to be considered as an unenrolled poll worker to support the next election.

This is a huge effort to mobilize for election integrity in each town in city across the state. If you are thinking someone will do this for you, you are wrong. As a patriot, it is time for you to get personally involved.

Thanks for all you do!



United Cape Patriots beach clean-up in progress 3/20/2021

Anti-censorhip standout Bourne Bridge 3/21/2021

Patriots, ever notice the liberal woke mob continues to bring us problems that nobody can actually see or measure, but are so dire that the government needs to get involved and restrict our freedoms to solve them? 

On Cape Cod we were just on the cusp of a climate emergency when kung flu hit, which triggered a systemic racism crisis because we were told that people of color where disproportionately impacted in our community. If you know anything about the Cape Cod demographic, you know this doesn't even past the smell test.

UCP has made repeated requests to government officials who made this statement, and Barnstable County Health officials who provide such metrics, but have been told this data is not available. 

This is why Americans have lost trust in major institutions. And they should.  The woke bureaucrats appear to be implementing their ideology with the help of the media, based mostly on false narratives with no basis of fact. And if they get caught occasionally, so be it. They are social justice warriors, and the arbitrators of woke-ness. No facts required. Only feelings. And only their feelings, not yours.

You? You are now guilty until proven innocent. You have to prove you are not racist, or driving around in something too big spewing out greenhouse gasses, or throwing your single use plastic water bottle in Cape Cod Bay where a whale could eat it, or not wearing your mask out on your boat. That's why the government needed to step in on each of these "existential threats" with legislation. And don't dare ask for evidence of the problem, or complain about paying for it.. For you are the deplorable, and most recently the Neanderthal. 

Just wear your mask, stay home washing your hands following government guidelines (with soap and water for 20 seconds), don't let friends or family visit, get a shot even if they're unavailable, and pay your taxes & climate fees! And don't be a denier or you'll be reported and put in Facebook jail with My Pillow. 

Even though your family may be out of work due the the government lock down, the government bureaucrats who haven't lost a single paycheck have convinced the sheep that we are in fact, all in this together. 

To defend your freedoms against all this liberal lunacy and have fun doing it, UCP has reorganized by Cape regions, and formed Focus Teams to provide you resources were a prolonged battle is about to take place. The UCP Leadership Team is out in the community explaining the new matrixed organization. See links for more information. Raise your hand if you have a question. 



In closing, UCP is excited to be teamed up with Mass GOP on 2 efforts: Election Integrity, and fighting unconstitutional censorship. We are sponsoring a 1st Amendment Rally Sunday, 3/21 at the Bourne Bridge Rotary from noon to 2pm. Hope to see you back out at the curb, making your conservative voice heard!

Thanks for all you do!




Patriots, UCP has launched several Focus Teams to support Cape towns defend their freedoms. Their common mission is to provide subject matter expertise within their issue scope. (Inch wide, mile deep concept.) Currently, there are 3 Focus Teams: Community Outreach, School Outreach, and Election Integrity. All 3 will provide resources from across the nation, to towns on Cape. 

Next week UCP will launch a 4th Focus Team, Church Outreach. This coalition will include conservative religious leaders from our community, be modeled after a similar effort in Worcester, and address legislation that conflicts with their religious values in the community they serve.

Last week I shared Outer Cape status. Below is the Lower Cape summary.

Thanks for all you do.


Hello Lower Cape Patriots!

Brewster has joined forces with Chatham, Harwich and Orleans to form the Lower Cape Patriots Team! We have a lot going on in our community this month. Please join us at one of our many events and opportunities to volunteer in March! Included also are opportunities to serve on various subcommittees. Please feel free to contact myself, or Adam Lange, at any time, and don't forget to sign up for UCP emails at unitedcapepatriots.com

1) Clean Up TOMORROW: 2:00 PM  First Encounter Beach at First Encounter Beach Parking Lot (first lot) in Eastham.
It appears that it will be a little chilly - please dress warmly and bring gloves.  We have garbage "pick up" sticks and bags, and a few vests.  If you think you need anything else, feel free to bring it! For more information contact Jennifer at jenniferjraffloer@gmail.com

2) Local Blood Drive. If you donate blood to Cape Cod Healthcare, your donation stays on the Cape to benefit your family, friends and neighbors rather than being transferred outside our community.

Learn more and view list of upcoming drives today. https://www.capecodhealth.org/ways-to-give/blood-center/

Please Give the Gift of Life in honor of a young hometown US Marine who gave his for us all...

Supporters are encouraged to select a Cape Cod Healthcare blood drive of their choice and donate in the honor of U.S. Marine Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos.
Xiarhos, a class of 2006 graduate of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, died in 2009 on the battlefield in Garmsir, Afghanistan, while going to the rescue of his fellow combat Marines.
“In past years, more than 200 donors have come out to show their support and appreciation for Marine Corporal Xiarhos, who was killed in the line of duty,” said Jonathan DeCoste, senior blood donor recruiter. “We encourage donors to continue this annual tradition by donating the gift of life in Nicholas’.”

Donors to CCHC blood drives in March will receive a Target gift card.

3.) Our partnership with MA Military Support Foundation has resulted in an Outer Cape weekly veteran food distribution on Monday 3/8, 2:30-4:30PM at The Eastham Elks Lodge, 10 McKoy Road, Eastham. Vets and non-Vet food insecure can sign up at https://mmsfi.org/  Some of you volunteered in the past - THANK YOU!  If you are interested in volunteering any time, please let myself or Adam know, or just show up!  Most tasks do not require lifting a food box.

4.) Campaign Management School By Renew MA Coalition - Saturday, March 13th 9AM - 4PM at Monument Beach Sportsman Club, Buzzards Bay.  Topics include:  Learn how to run or help others run, and win; understand your target voters; put together a winning strategy; messaging; door knocking; fundraising; creating a financial plan; budgeting; organizing volunteers; and much more!  Each person wishing to register should email Steve at steve@renewmacoalition.org.  Preregistration is required along with a nominal $20 registration fee that covers venue and material costs, a light breakfast, and lunch.  


As a reminder,  if you are interested in what is going on in your local town, please check out the town calendars.  If you attend a meeting, please take notes and share with us!   

Here is the link to the Brewster Town Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=brewstercapecod@gmail.com&ctz=America/New_York


Here is the link to the Chatham Town Calendar:



Here is the link to the Harwich Town Calendar: 



Here is the link to the Orleans Town Calendar: https://www.town.orleans.ma.us/calendar


5.) Also, there are many school committee vacancies and a need for parents and community members to get involved and be a part of decision making in our schools - if you are interested in getting involved with the new group (CPCC) Cape Parent Community Coalition, please contact Rheanna Hastings at hastingsfamily126@gmail.com


6.) Subcommittee Work: We have a few initiatives in the works. Please let us know if you have interest or experience in these areas. 


Inclusiveness work with the Brewster Selectboard. It’s our concern the new inclusiveness statements do not take in account the new trend of discrimination against citizens for their conservative values and political affiliation. We need citizens to make public statements at town meetings and opt Ed’s in the local newspapers.


Brewster Stakeholders for Vision Planning Committee. The Brewster Vision Planning Committee is creating an online mapping tool to garner feedback from residents on what defines Brewster’s character and sense of place. We need members like you to join our stakeholder group as we attend their next forum and help us answer questions from our experience and perspective.


7.) Brewster Taxpayers Association needs more members. Please let us know if your interested in fiscal matters. You can email brewstertaxpayersassociation@gmail.com, for more information.


I look forward to seeing you all at one of our many events and opportunities this month of March!   Please don't forget to share these Opportunities with everyone you know!  

As always, thank you for your time and energy!  


For Freedom!

Rheanna Hastings 


From email blast March 1, 2021

Patriots, while it's in Washington's best interest to maintain the heat and division post election, with your help we continue to grow our movement of common sense conservatives that care 1st about taking care of their community locally. 

UCP has never asked for money, and we have no plan to do so. What we are asking you for, is your time out in the community making a difference. This could be in a parking lot distributing food, or it could be on a zoom call engaging your town officials, making your conservative voice heard. We are providing these opportunities for you to make it easy for you to participate and contribute.

If you believe as I do that we should leave our community for the next generation better than we found it, we both know we have work to do. Please reach out and join us! It is rewarding work, with great people.

Taking Care of Our Heroes

Your volunteering is enabling our partnership with MA Military Support Foundation to grow, and helping both veterans and non-vet food insecure in your community as follows:

Hyannis Transportation Center - each Saturday 9am - 1pm

Eastham Elks Lodge - each Monday 230-430pm

Lombardo's in Randolph -  each Sunday 12-2pm, starting 2/14

Marshfield VFW - each Friday 12-2pm, starting 2/19

Fall River Country Club - in final planning phase with Somerset RTC.

Somerville Lions Club - in planning phase with Billy Taura & team.

Job well done!

Defending Our Freedoms

The UCP reorganization by town continues. Issues that are common across towns will warrant a sub-team. Our 1st such team deals exclusively with providing you a voice with school policy, and preparing candidates to run for school committee. It is a mix of parents and former school officials. Reach out if you want to join this effort. 

The Friday  2/26 Brewster Workshop facilitated by The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership now has additional open seats due to MA relaxed COVID restrictions. We have a former U.S, Senator teaching this course, a chili cook-off being planned for lunch, and local VIPs attending to make this day a must attend. Reply back to this email if you are ready to get involved leading our effort, and would like to be included.

The Saturday 3/13 Bourne Workshop facilitated by Renew MA Coalition also has limited seating available. I've attached details below. Reply back to this email if you would like details regarding participation.

Both these opportunities are designed to provide an on-ramp for new solid candidates interested in running for municipal office, or supporting others who are running to represent your conservative voice.

Thanks for all you do!


150 Strong  at the Stop the Steal Standout Bourne Rotary Sunday Dec 27th MAGA!

Based on this tweet, Trump's account has been shut down


Call for UCP Town Captains

Sunday's Curb Walk in the snow

Merry Christmas from atop the MAGA Truck

Christmas Carols with the occasional

trucker horn for Trump