United Cape Patriots: Bias for Action!

Patriots, while it's in Washington's best interest to maintain the heat and division post election, with your help we continue to grow our movement of common sense conservatives that care 1st about taking care of their community locally. 

UCP has never asked for money, and we have no plan to do so. What we are asking you for, is your time out in the community making a difference. This could be in a parking lot distributing food, or it could be on a zoom call engaging your town officials, making your conservative voice heard. We are providing these opportunities for you to make it easy for you to participate and contribute.

If you believe as I do that we should leave our community for the next generation better than we found it, we both know we have work to do. Please reach out and join us! It is rewarding work, with great people.

Taking Care of Our Heroes

Your volunteering is enabling our partnership with MA Military Support Foundation to grow, and helping both veterans and non-vet food insecure in your community as follows:

Hyannis Transportation Center - each Saturday 9am - 1pm

Eastham Elks Lodge - each Monday 230-430pm

Lombardo's in Randolph -  each Sunday 12-2pm, starting 2/14

Marshfield VFW - each Friday 12-2pm, starting 2/19

Fall River Country Club - in final planning phase with Somerset RTC.

Somerville Lions Club - in planning phase with Billy Taura & team.

Job well done!

Defending Our Freedoms

The UCP reorganization by town continues. Issues that are common across towns will warrant a sub-team. Our 1st such team deals exclusively with providing you a voice with school policy, and preparing candidates to run for school committee. It is a mix of parents and former school officials. Reach out if you want to join this effort. 

The Friday  2/26 Brewster Workshop facilitated by The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership now has additional open seats due to MA relaxed COVID restrictions. We have a former U.S, Senator teaching this course, a chili cook-off being planned for lunch, and local VIPs attending to make this day a must attend. Reply back to this email if you are ready to get involved leading our effort, and would like to be included.

The Saturday 3/13 Bourne Workshop facilitated by Renew MA Coalition also has limited seating available. I've attached details below. Reply back to this email if you would like details regarding participation.

Both these opportunities are designed to provide an on-ramp for new solid candidates interested in running for municipal office, or supporting others who are running to represent your conservative voice.

Thanks for all you do!


Call to Action: January 28, 2021

News from January 23rd

Patriots, thanks to those members that braved the cold today in Hyannis, distributing food to our vets!

United Cape Patriots is teamed up with MA Military Support Foundation and needs your help with expanding food distribution locations to Outer Cape, South Shore, & North Shore. I attached video and pictures from today so you can better understand the task.

I am working with The Nauset High School Republican Club on Outer Cape coverage. Seeking leaders to organize members in both South & North Shore locations. Reply to this email if you are interested.


1) If you have watched FACL webinar #1, you may join FACL webinar #2 "Red Fox Four" on:

Sunday January 24th at 5pm
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/92319247899

2) If you have missed the FACL Webinar #1 called "Real Nature of Politics" this past week end, do not proceed to Webinar #2 "Red Fox Four"
Here is an opportunity to catch up and watch the webinar #1 "Real Nature of Politics"  on:

Saturday January 23rd at 7:30pm 

Thanks for al you do!


The next step: Strengthening Local Conservative leadership, Working with  RTC's and Leadership Training opportunities

Patriots, the political landscape is now set. Now it's time to roll. Washington is  a wasteland. Think Chernobyl. We must focus local to make a difference going forward, and we are re-organizing by town to effectively execute that strategy.

Locally, the Cape & Islands GOP leaders have chosen to go forward with current leadership, and current approach. I will continue to integrate establishment and grassroots conservatives in our community. We need to put differences aside. United we stand. Divided we fall.

Success has been made in several towns where conservatives are working together to make their voices heard. Brewster is teamed up and informing voters about a boondoggle school expansion / tax increase during a period of student enrollment decline. See noto905.com for more information.

I met with Bourne RTC Monday, who is teamed up to oppose a looney liberal Cape Rail project with the objective of "reducing climate change." Do we really need more empty diesel buses and trains running around? Didn't they tell us those were super spreaders??

Next week I will be meeting with Sandwich RTC to see how we can get the 30+ Sandwich UCP members engaged locally. They tell me Sandwich has the highest property taxes on Cape. Target rich environment.

Lastly, UCP is teaming up with MA Military Support Foundation in a big way. I met with their president, Don Cox this morning and it's game on!  Why? UCP supports our vets, is pivoting local, and they need our help. Members who want to join me Saturday morning @ Hyannis Transportation Center to load food items into boxes should contact me at adamlangegop@gmail.com

If you missed the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL) #1 Training Webinar, 'Real Nature of Politics and Politicians' we are providing it again Thursday 1/21, 7PM via Zoom at the link below:


If you have watched FACL webinar #1, you may join FACL webinar #2 "Red Fox Four" on:

Saturday January 23rd at 5pm
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/99532224722


Sunday January 24th at 5pm
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/92319247899

Thanks for all you do!


Well, well, well. What a difference

(an INAUGURATION) makes!

Reported in Epoch Times 1/23/21

150 Strong  at the Stop the Steal Standout Bourne Rotary Sunday Dec 27th MAGA!

Message from Adam Jan 7th

UPC Pivot for Freedom

Patriots, what a great scene it was last night supporting the Plymouth bus departure for DC. Thanks to all those that went to represent our Trump supporting community! I spoke tonight with members returning home, and everyone is safe.

Also today we had members supporting a Bourne Bridge Standout from 11am to 4pm. It was cold but the response was warm, and it's important support for our president as he navigates unprecedented election fraud.

Remember, whatever the election outcome, we have a job to do. We must leave our country better than we found it for the next generation. Will the playing field be tougher? Possibly, but it does not change the mission. We may have additional challenges. But those are overcome with hard work. That's the way we roll. That's how the last generation set us up for success. Hard work, sacrifice, and pain.

This country has been so good to my family, and I suspect yours. Now it's time we give back. It's why both my sons serve in the military, and it's why in retirement I trained to become a firefighter / EMT. We must hold the line. We each have a role.

The 2021 UCP Pivot For Freedom is a reorganization and focus on giving conservatives a stronger voice in our local communities. It includes Town Captains, Kick-off training by the Foundation for Conservative Leadership, and providing opportunities for you to get involved in the local political process to defend our freedoms

Scenes from January 6th Trump Solidarity Standout

UCP & MAGA people are happy and law abiding

We are family friendly

Based on this tweet, Trump's account has been shut down


Call for UCP Town Captains

Sunday's Curb Walk in the snow

Merry Christmas from atop the MAGA Truck

Christmas Carols with the occasional

trucker horn for Trump

WATCH:Huge turnout at Stop the Steal Standout Sat. Nov 28

video: Curb Walk  Dec 13th

Overflow gathered

on the hill opposite

Some thoughts on the election, our history

and the path forward

Statewide Caravan


Watch X22 Daily reports on Rumble.com

Joint NH/UCP Standout and Trump Train Saturday Nov 14th Huge Success 








More than 200 Patriots turned out on Saturday for a huge outpouring of support for our great President Donald J Trump. Word spread fast with only a few days’ notice, and the Dunkin parking lot was filled before the scheduled start time  of 12:30.   The overflow spilled out around the rotary and up the hill on the opposite side.


Decorated Massachusetts cars streamed over Bourne Bridge from off-Cape and the NH Trump Train poured in from the Sagamore Bridge, parading around the rotary to honking horns and cheers. 


The atmosphere was upbeat and festive. It was great to be reunited with our loyal Patriots and to see so many new faces.  Some present expressed confidence that Trump may win, while others just wanted to express thanks for what he has done, and show their support in his battle for re-election. Response from traffic was enthusiastic. 


Signs and chants of the day: 

Stop the Steal!  Legal Votes Matter! It’s Not over yet! And We are not going away!


And we’re not!


Keep the Faith,

Paula Miller

Sign of Changing Times!

Made the news!  Finally!

Upcoming Events


MA Military Support

Food Distribution Project

  • Hyannis Transportation Terminal. Saturday 8:30-1:00

  • Eastham Elks Lodge

       Monday 2/8 2:30-4:30 PM

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