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Scenes from Sept 19-20

United Cape Patriots sponsored a Trump / Back the Blue event Saturday 6/13 at the Bourne Bridge Rotary. The event attracted about 75 supporters including 82yo veteran Charlie Chase, and Sheriff Tom Hodgson, Honorary Chairman MA Trump 2020.

Chase was attacked on 6/02 in his home Town of Fall River for holding a Trump sign, and asked to join the Cape event at the bridge.

United Cape Patriots founder Adam Lange praised Chase, and said he was honored to host him. "Charlie told me he doesn't care if he gets hurt again, but doesn't want anyone else to get hurt. That's what kind of patriot Charlie is."

As far as safety on the Cape, Lange said each event has a security plan that includes local police, state police, and members of the group that keep watch over participants. "Safety is a priority for those that choose to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. We have families here. They need to know they are safe."

This was the 9th consecutive weekend event hosted by United Cape Patriots, a local grassroots conservative group that continues to grow Its membership in a blue state.

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Trump & Back Our Blue – Week 8 at Bourne Bridge Rotary

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United Cape Patriots sponsored a Trump & Back Our Blue Standout Saturday 6/6 at the Bourne Bridge Rotary. The group’s founder Adam Lange of Brewster was humbled by the gratitude shared by passing police officers. “One of the officers who stopped to thank us was from Boston, and had a tear in his eye describing what they have been through this week defending their city. We must let our law enforcement know we have their backs as they put their lives on the line each day for us. That’s the least we can do.”

Mass GOP Chairman Jim Lyons, a staunch supporter of President Trump also stopped to thank those that participated in the event, and encourage the group to reach out and help others across the state. This was the 8th consecutive weekend United Cape Patriots has sponsored an event.

Lange said he is thankful President Trump continues to be consistently supportive of law enforcement, from his 2016 campaign and even more importantly right now. “The rule of law is a key element of what makes America great. It’s why people all over the world want to live here. Recent events have reminded us just how important it is.”

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More than 200 Patriots turned out on Saturday for a huge outpouring of support for our great President Donald J Trump. Word spread fast with only a few days’ notice, and the Dunkin parking lot was filled before the scheduled start time  of 12:30.   The overflow spilled out around the rotary and up the hill on the opposite side.


Decorated Massachusetts cars streamed over Bourne Bridge from off-Cape and the NH Trump Train poured in from the Sagamore Bridge, parading around the rotary to honking horns and cheers. 


The atmosphere was upbeat and festive. It was great to be reunited with our loyal Patriots and to see so many new faces.  Some present expressed confidence that Trump may win, while others just wanted to express thanks for what he has done, and show their support in his battle for re-election. Response from traffic was enthusiastic. 


Signs and chants of the day: 

Stop the Steal!  Legal Votes Matter! It’s Not over yet! And We are not going away!


And we’re not!


Keep the Faith,

Paula Miller

United Cape Patriots  sponsored a REOPEN CAPE COD STANDOUT & MARCH TO BEACH,  on Sunday 5/24, that started at Hyannis Airport Rotary and went 1.8 miles to Veterans Memorial Park near the Hyannis Harbor.


Patriots gathered at Hyannis Airport Rotary for  the standout

 Those marching to Veterans Memorial Park departed for the  1.8 mile march

The   MAGA Truck departed to Veterans Park with ~20 riders.  The bathrooms at Veterans park were locked and the bubblier had no water. 

At 3 pm the MAGA truck returned w/riders to Hyannis Airport Rotary


See videos for American flags & Trump gear. 


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United Cape Patriots Planning Re-Open Cape Cod Standout and March in Hyannis on Sunday, MayMay 22, 2020

United Cape Patriots is sponsoring a standout and march to a waterside park in Hyannis this weekend to support re-opening the Cape’s economy and public life.

The standout, which typically features American flags, Trump flags, and signs, is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday, May 24 at the airport rotary in Hyannis, followed by a march at 1:30 p.m. of about 1.8 miles to Veterans Memorial Park on Lewis Bay.

A truck that can accommodate about 20 people is planning to leave the rotary at about 2 p.m., and to return at about 3 p.m. to the rotary.

For more information, go to the United Cape Patriots web site.

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