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After election day, Convention of States and our intrepid grassroots volunteers are needed now more than ever. Our grassroots army was in the thick of a variety of national races, from primary season right up until the polls closed on election night with active block walking teams, telephone banking and texting like minded low propensity voters in 22 states. In the state legislatures, our teams conducted candidate surveys to know exactly who the pro-COS legislators were, then canvassed those districts to turn out the vote.

  • In North Carolina our work helped a whopping 22 pro-COS NC legislators win their election! Five of those legislators were challengers of incumbent COS opposed Democrats. Additionally, our efforts helped secure a super-majority for Republicans in the Senate.

  • In Ohio our team helped COS-supportive candidates pick off a COS opposed incumbent in each chamber.

  • In Kentucky we were involved in 17 races, winning 16 of them! In 5 of them, our candidate was challenging an incumbent Democrat.

  • In South Carolina we advocated for and won seats for 21 pro-COS challengers and secured seats for another 6 incumbent pro-COS legislators.

  • In West Virginia 3 of our 4 pro-COS candidates won their races.

  • In Iowa we helped 3 COS-supportive Senators hold their seats, and picked up one House seat for a former COS strategist by picking off the Democrat incumbent.

  • COS activists won their bids for seats in their state legislatures! These include:

  • former State Director Jay Taylor from West Virginia

  • former District Captain Allen Chesser from North Carolina

  • former Iowa strategist Bill Gustoff

  • former Wyoming District Captain Evie Brennan

  • former Kansas District Captain Adam Turk

  • And we are still awaiting results in the races of former Iowa State Director Sarah Abdouch and former Utah Regional Captain Quinn Cotter, which are too close to call at press time.

We anticipate reporting on many other victories as election results are still being counted across the nation.

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