Cape Cod and the Islands

Guide to Candidates

General Election, Nov 3, 2020


President/Vice President

  • Donald J Trump/Mike Pence (R) vs Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (D)


U.S. Senate

  • Kevin O’Connor (R) vs  Ed Markey (D)


MA 9thCongressional District

  • Helen Brady (R) vs Bill Keating (D)


                  District includes 

                  Cape and Islands

                  New Bedford


                  Partial Plymouth to Brockton

MA Senator in General Court

FirstPlymouth & Barnstable District

  • Jay McMahon (R) vs. Susan Moran (D)


                 District includes








MA House of Representatives

First Barnstable District

  • Tim Whelan (R) vs. John Mason (D)


                  District includes

                  Barnstable Precinct 1

                  Brewster Precinct 1 & 2


                  Yarmouth Precinct 1-4 and 7

Second Barnstable District

  • Will Crocker (R)​ vs Kip Diggs (D)  

                 District includes 

                 Barnstable Precinct 2-10, 13

                 Yarmouth Precincts 5&6

Third Barnstable District

  • David Viera (R)

                District includes

                 Bourne Precincts 3-6

                 Falmouth 3,4, 7-9


Fourth Barnstable District

  • Sarah Peake (D)

                 District includes

                 Brewster Precinct 3




                 Eastham - Provincetown​​

Fifth Barnstable District

  • Stephen Xiarhos (R) vs James Dever (D)


                  District includes

                  Barnstable Precincts 11 & 12

                  Bourne Precincts 1,2,7


                  Plymouth Precinct 9

Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket District

  • Dylan Fernandez (D)

                  District includes

                  Falmouth Precinct 1,2,5

                  Dukes and Nantucket County

Barnstable County Commissioner ( 2 seats open))


  • Ron Beaty (R) vs Shiela Lyons (D)  Mark 

        Forest (D)

Jay McMahon running for MA Senator in

First Plymouth and Barnstable District

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